IceBreakers-Give A Puck

MISSION: Get consumers excited about the new IceBreakers "Puck" packaging.

SOLUTION: The creation of the "Give A Puck" system made it possible for the consumer to share a puck virtually on instagram and get "liked" in return by the brand.


SOLUTION: Create our own digital version of Zoltar with a unicorn instead of a genie/fortune teller. This will live on its own splash page. Users will be prompted to enter a question and our Unicorn will spit out a custom phrase which gives confidence. 


In addition to our digital Zoltar-Unicorn, we’ll bring this booth to life. We’ll place a working Unicorn #GiveAPuck booth to a heavy-traffic location like Times Square and allow people to interact. The booth will give advice and words of wisdom but will also act as a vending machine, dispensing our pucks free of charge and spreading knowledge.


We'll create a splash place where people will be able to type in their own personalized phrase and then share with their friends. 


Social media activations:


Agency: CP+B Boulder

  • AD: Gioia Varesi
  • CW: Chris Mendez