We would ask Infiniti employees to share a phrase or words that inspires them. A professional Typography Artist would transform their words onto a Q50. The whole process would be filmed and play at Infiniti lobby HQ.


Another concept would be take the employees to the race track for the day where they will get to experience high speed in the new Q50. The car will have Go-Pro's hooked up to take pictures of the employees in the moments of adrenaline. We'll create an installation in the lobby with everyones candid expressions.


Agency: CP+B Boulder

  • AD: Gioia Varesi

  • CW: Kayla Nixdorf


MISSION: Every year Infiniti does a test drive day of the new car model of that year. They asked us to create an installation in their lobby that employees could enjoy and interact with as well as a video piece that would play in the lobby.

SOLUTION: Create a 3D hanging sculpture where the employe can interact with it. At one angle you see an image and when you walk to another spot in the lobby you'll see the sculpture transform into another shape.